About Montana

Montana Delozier, born March 12, 1996, and she is 16 years old.

At the age of 8 most kids are focused on playing on a playground or playing there favorite sport. But that just wasn’t enough for Montana Delozier. She has enjoyed all the sports and activities as most young kids, including, soccer, cheerleading since the age of 5 and numerous tumbling and gymnastics classes, but she knew there was something else out there. It was hunting and fishing. Over the course of time she compiled quite an extraordinary list of big game animals that she has hunted in countries such as the U.S., Canada and Africa.

She has been filmed since the young age of 8 when she took her first animal until now, making her own personal hunting videos on all of her hunts. She starred in a television commercial selling a video game as her first professional appearance. The awards have also come along her way with her receiving the first place youth award at the Dallas Safari Club for her African Lioness she shot in 2010.

She has donated time as a volunteer for the DSC annual convention and plans on becoming more involved each year. Her list of trophy animals is quite an accomplishment, with animals that range from a lioness to a black bear. Her plans for the future are endless and hopes of taking her outdoor lifestyle to the next level, whether it be in film, writing or representing an outdoor company.

Montana is a member of SCI, Wild Sheep Foundation and Dallas Safari Club. She recently won the 2nd place award for her Alligator at theDallas Safari Club awards banquet and best of species for her Axis Deer.